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So I have to get into the habit of posting regularly. I used to do this years ago, but like anything else, it takes practice to get back in the groove so I’ve decided to post at least 3 times a week (preferably more but at least that much) for the next few months. This waqy I’ll have some real content on here and I’ll get back into the writing habit.

Weather here is up and down lately, cold one day, warm the next (like today). But hey we’ll take it while we can, winter is coming so the longer we can delay it the better.

Mrs. OldGuy and The Princess have been a little under the weather lately. Coughing, headachey, tired, just generally crappy. Hopefully they’ll feel better soon. Me, just tired as usual.

Haven’t taken too many pics lately but will get back into that groove soon too. Like I said, I’ve been tired. Okay, lazy, more like lazy. But that’s a kind of tired. Right ?

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Why I Shouldn’t Fall Asleep in Front of the Television

So everybody falls asleep in front of the tv once in a while. No big deal right ?

Well, I have rheumatoid arthritis and last night got a painful reminder of why I shouldn’t do this. I’d been asleep for about 45 minutes when I woke up and started to get up to take the dog out. Unfortunately my right arm had stiffened up from the elbow on down and I literally couldn’t move my arm. Also, it felt like my hand was in a vise, that’s how bad the pain was. It only lasted a few minutes but it basically left me one-handed while it did.

This isn’t the first time this has happened but it’s been quite a while so I’d sort of forgotten how crappy an experience it is. Sort of like someone pissing in your Corn Flakes.

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Radioactive balls ?

With fall here it’s dark in the morning. As I take the dog out for a walk and my eyes aren’t what they used to be I needed a flashlight to pick up after her a few times last week. When my wife saw the big clunky flashlight sitting near the front door she went out and bought me a pocket sized one.

Which is great but …

I was walking the dog the other morning and used my new handy dandy flashlight to pick up after her, then put it in my pocket still lit. Back in the house a few minutes later I had forgotten about it (memory isn’t what it used to be either) and went to the bathroom to relieve myself. Imagine my surprise when I saw my testicles glowing. Scared the hell out of me until I remembered the flashlight.

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The Tree House Is Open

I cleaned the tree house shiny and bright
Painted the place and turned on the light
Laid in some beer and assorted cold cuts
Now I’ll sit and play with my nuts

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I’m back – finally

So I’ve pretty much finished the redesign. Now I can start writing again (only 2 years after I said I was going to start using my blog).

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